The Van der Valk Family has been a household name in the Netherlands for over 150 years. Martinus Van der Valk built a hotel for each of his children, with which he laid the foundation of the current group, which now consists of over 100 branches. Martinus didn’t think about himself, but about his offspring for whom he created a guaranteed place on the labour market. Since this time permanence has been of utmost importance to the family as they manage the business cross-generational: they build hotels and restaurants with the idea in the back of their mind that many generations of Van der Valks will use the branch and manage it. Marije van der Valk and her partner Thijs Boomkens share this vision and built Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent in 2016 according to the standards of the BREEAM Excellent certificate. In combination with the Green Globe certification, the branch at the Waal River is currently the most sustainable hotel in Gelderland.