Surroundings and nature

Did you know the most beautiful nature reserves are located around the oldest city in the Netherlands. Discover the Rijk van Nijmegen? The Ooijpolder and the Hoge Veluwe National Park are a must see!

Surroundings and nature

The Rijk van Nijmegen consists of various nature reserves and each with its own beauty. The enchanting nature of the Overasseltse and Hatertse Vennen and the Groesbeekse forest are places where you can fully soak up the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful views of the forest and the variety of heath types of the Heiderijk.

Overasseltse and Hatertse Vennen

In the Overasseltse and Hatertse Vennen, each season has its own color and scent. In autumn, the red glow of plants and foliage dominates. In summer the plumes of wool grass and peat fluff wave in the wind. Pine scent tickles the nose. In winter, the landscape loses its vastness. But the rolling river dunes, dark fens and heather are beautiful every season. You can always search for badger tracks. Walk one of the marked trails, visit the chapel with the Fever Tree, explore the area on horseback or discover the wide variety of animals that live here.

Groesbeek Forest

The Groesbeekse Bos in Nijmegen is worth a visit in all seasons, enjoy the autumn hues, sun-drenched moors or perhaps the idyllic snow-covered trees. It is a wonderful area for hikers, horse riders, mountain bikers, cyclists and owners with their dogs. There are many marked routes, playing fields, picnic areas and other opportunities to enjoy the beautiful nature of Groesbeek.


Staatsbosbeheer works together with other site managers within the Heiderijk Nijmegen Mook project. In this way, Staatsbosbeheer contributes to a beautiful and varied heathland area where specific heath types feel at home. The project also ensures that different nature reserves are reconnected with each other, which is important for plants and animals to live in their natural habitat.

The National Park De Hoge Veluwe

The National Park De Hoge Veluwe is only a 25 minutes drive by car from our hotel. The nature of this park is overwhelming, whereas the various old Veluwe landscapes alternate continuously. During your trip through the Park you will pass through deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests, but also over moors (wet and dry), grassy plains and shifting sand landscapes. These landscapes are home to an unprecedented diversity of plants and animal species. From the rare mother-of-pearl butterfly to the imposing red deer, from the gentian blue to the little salsify. The Park has more than a hundred Red List species, such as the wheatear, the wryneck, the moor frog and the grass snake.


The Ooijpolder (also called Ooypolder) is located near Nijmegen in the municipality of Berg en Dal in the Dutch province of Gelderland. A small part, the Ooyse Schependom, is located in the municipality of Nijmegen. It is an important part of the Gelderse Poort nature reserve. The polder is the area between the river Waal and the N325, including the Ooijse Graaf ridge near Leuth-Erlecom. On the east side, the polder is bordered by the Kapitteldijk and the Duffelt. The polder has both an inner and outer dyke area. The village Persingen is also located in the polder.

Before there were dikes, the Ooijpolder was a swamp area that was often under water. The first dikes in the area were built around 1300. The Ooijpolder fell under the Circul van de Ooij polder district, which already had dike rights in 1580. In 1958 the Circul van de Ooij district was abolished and the area now falls under the Groot Maas en Waal polder district. A monument on the Ooijse Waaldijk recalls the dyke warehouse of the Circul van Ooij, which used to be here.

Not only the dike warehouse was high, in this polder area you will also find many mound farms. Even transformer houses were placed at the top of a tower. In 1933, the Hollandsch-German pumping station was built to drain water via the lake to regulate the water level in the Ooijpolder and the adjacent German agricultural areas. Are you in for a refreshing drink after enjoying the beautiful surroundings? Go for a drink in Lola's bar and enjoy their delicious bar bites!