Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen - Lent



7 days a week you can join us for a hot, cold, light, healthy or extensive lunch! 

Lunch menu à la carte:


Tomato soup with basil and meatballs - € 5.50

North Sea bisque with shrimp and basil - € 6.50 

French onion soup with thyme and cheese crouton - € 5.50

All starters and soups are served with bread


Goat cheese salad
Fresh salad with goat cheese, beetroot, walnuts and apple marmalade - € 11,00

Caesar salad
Crunchy cos lettuce with anchovies, croutons, boiled egg, crispy chicken fillet and Caesar dressing - € 11,00

Ocean salad 
Fresh salad with smoked salmon, tuna salad, shrimps, capers and yoghurt dressing - € 11,00

BLT salad 
Mixed salad with bacon, tomatoes, croutons, almonds, boiled egg and herb dressing -  € 11,00

All salads are served with bread

Lunch dishes

Early Bird
fresh orange juice, croissant, marmalade, bread roll with cheese, slice of bread with ham and fried egg - € 10,50

Italian roll with beef carpaccio,
fresh salad, parmesan cheese and truffle mayonnaise - €   9,50

Healthy Waldkorn roll                                                           
filled with lettuce, young cheese, ham, tomato, cucumber and boiled egg - €   7,50

Nimweegs lunch
meat croquette roll, ham and fried egg roll and a cup of tomato soup - €   9,00

Club Sandwich
toast with egg salad, crispy chicken, bacon and tomato, served with fries - € 10,50

Hot roll with fricandeau, fried egg, deep fried onions, Acar and satay sauce - €   9,50

Fresh roll with tuna salad, red onion, capers, apple - €   8,00

Fresh roll with smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, capers - €   9,50

Two artisanal beef croquettes
on sliced white or brown bread, with butter and mustard - €   7,50

Gluten Free, whole grain roll with avocado, spicy yoghurt and roasted sweet pepper - €   8,50

Lentse Burger XL
100% Black Angus beef on a sesame roll, bacon, barbecue sauce, fries - € 13,50

Chicken satay XL
served with Acar, prawn crackers, satay sauce and chips - € 13,50

Fried eggs or omelette
three free-range eggs on white or brown bread with filling of your choice - €   8,00

Lola’s Jumbo fried eggs
three free-range eggs on white or brown bread with ham, cheese and roast beef - €   9,00

Chef’s two-course lunch
Menu changes daily, consisting of a starter and a main course - € 22,50
(can only be ordered between  12 – 2:30 pm)


Classic – ham, cheese - €  6,00

Goat cheese – honey, thyme - €  6,00

Smoked salmon – cream cheese - €  6,50

Kids lunch

We serve the dishes below to children up to 12 years old:

Kids-size cup of soup - €   3,00

One slice white or brown bread with ham or cheese - €   2,50

One slice white or brown bread with chocolate paste, peanut butter or chocolate sprinkles - €   2,50

2 American pancakes with syrup and icing sugar - €   4,50

½ pizza Margherita - €   6,00

Live cooking lunch buffet

From monday to friday we serve an extensive live cooking lunch buffet between 12 and 2 pm (with a minimum of 15 persons*):

Our live cooking buffet lunch includes:

* Soup of the day
* Different types of bread
* A wide range of meats and cheeses
* Sweet condiments and jams
* Salad bar with fresh salads en dressings
* Grill buffet, a variety of meat and fish will be prepared à la minute
* Selection of hot dishes
* During lunch you can enjoy coffee, tea, milk and fruit juices

Reservation request

*You can use our à la carte menu if no buffet lunch is offered in the restaurant.