Green Globe

The Green Globe certification is a structured assessment of the sustainability performance of travel and tourism businesses and their supply chain partners. Businesses can monitor improvements and document achievements leading to certification of their enterprises’ sustainable operation and management.

The Green Globe Standard includes 44 core criteria supported by over 380 compliance indicators. The applicable indicators vary by type of certification, geographical area as well as local factors. The entire Green Globe Standard is reviewed and updated twice per calendar year.

“We believe that hospitality goes together perfectly with eco-friendly operational management. This is why we invest in provisions that make our hotel, restaurant and boardrooms better and greener.

In our operational management we focus on the three Ps: 
Profit, Planet and People. To us, corporate social responsibility means that, apart from aiming for Profit, account is also taken with the impact of our activities on the environment (Planet) and we also want to have a positive influence on the People inside and outside the company. The better the balance between these three Ps, the more sustainable the results for our hotel as well as society.”