World eaters Kids Menu

Especially for our young guests, we have developed a very special menu: ‘Van der Valk World Eaters.’ The dishes are adventurous, responsible and surprisingly delicious. And on top of that, we support a great charity with the kids menu: KidsRights.

With the new menu, we are trying to challenge children from 4 to 12 to try something different than the traditional kids menu. The menu provides great entertainment at the table with the various stories and facts about the countries that served as an inspiration for the menus.

A kids menu consists of soup, a main course and a children-size ice cream and costs € 12.50. The main course can also be ordered separately for € 8.50 (the main course of “Hollandse Pot” for € 5.25). Every six months we will ‘refresh’ the menu with new countries, facts and dishes. 

The main courses from the kids menu are:

• Swedish Salmon Menu - Baked salmon with baby carrots. With French fries, Hollandaise sauce and vegetable sticks. 
• Stir-fried Chicken Menu - Chicken with stir-fried wok vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce. Served with noodles, vegetable sticks and prawn crackers
• South African BBQ Menu - Steak and vegetable skewer. Served with vegetable sticks, French fries and applesauce.
• Italian Pizza Menu - Italian pizza Margherita. Served with vegetable sticks, a green salad and grated cheese.
• Hawaiian Loco Moco Burger Menu - A deliciously seasoned hamburger in a bun with a fried egg. Served with crudités, fresh fruit and French fries.
• Dutch Delight menu: Delicious French Fries served with a choice of: schnitzel, meat croquette, cheese soufflé, frikandel (type of Dutch sausage) or chicken nuggets. Served with apple sauce, mayonnaise and vegetable sticks. 

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